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This page is created to answer the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to ☒CHIPS and their functionality.

  • Do the ☒CHIPS need to be flashed each time I use them?
No. Flashing the ☒CHIPS is only necessary for the 1st Time Setup, much like installing Microsoft Windows (or some other operating system) on a computer. Flashing the ☒CHIPS again is recommended when the firmware has been updated with additional functionality or you encounter issues with your ☒CHIPS that a simple reboot (disconnect and reconnect from power) does not resolve.
  • Do I need to configure my ☒CHIPS each time I use them?
No. Reconfiguring your ☒CHIPS as described in 1st Time Setup is only necessary if you want to create a new index or if you are in a different environment with a different Wi-Fi setup. If you have configured your ☒CHIPS for your classroom and disconnect and reconnect them, you will have the option to connect to the ☒CHIPS and reconfigure for 3 minutes before it resumes its normal functions based on the last configuration settings. If you wish to use the Blynk functionality you will need to configure your ☒CHIPS again (in order to enter the Authentication Token).
  • Do I need to change my ☒CHIPS' configuration settings to use the Blynk function?
The Blynk functionality requires you to reconfigure in order to input the Authentication Token. It does not require you to "change" the settings, however. You may complete the fields identically to your original settings as done in 1st Time Setup after flashing, for example, and the ☒CHIPS should function exactly the same as before with the additional functionality.