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The XinaBox captive Portal is a web-server that runs on the CW01 core, it allows users to easily configure and reconfigure their CW01 core chips without the need for a keyboard and mouse. All the user needs is a smartphone. Our captive portal is implemented with a redirect by DNS(Domain Name System). The XinaBox Captive Portal is currently supported in the XK01 and XK07 kits.

General Rules

  • The Captive Portal prompt runs for a time span of 2 minutes after the CW01 reboots. A count-down timer is displayed on the OD01 during this time. See Figure 1.1 on the right.
Figure 1.1
  • If it doesn't redirect you to the captive portal after connecting to the CW01 hotspot, enter the "" IP address into your browser as instructed on the OD01
  • While using the Captive Portal you will notice that some fields are marked with an asterisks(*), this indicates a mandatory field.
  • STEM Server selection is dependant on which one of the STEM Programmes the individual belongs to. The individual is expected to select the STEM Server that is used in their STEM Programme.


This is the landing page of the XinaBox Captive Portal pops up. Each button takes you to a specific page, which will be detailed below

Figure 2.1

Configure Device

This is where we get to configure the general device variables. There are 4 mandatory fields on this page.

  • Device Name : This is a mandatory field. You choose and enter your device name here. Be sure to only use letters of the alphabet, numbers, spaces and underscores. Any use of special characters will make it difficult to search for your device in the dashboard.
  • Organisation : A mandatory field where you are expected to enter the name of your affiliated organisation(eg. school or company)
  • Index : Indices are basically topics which the Dashboard will use to filter through data on the database. The index you choose will determine where your data is found. Please enter index names in only lower case letters and numbers. Note that this field is mandatory as well.
  • Location : In this field you may manually enter the location of the weather station or ground station kit in use.
  • STEM Server : This field is a drop down which has 2 options, ThinSat Program or XinaBox. Select the ThinSat Program STEM Server if you're part of the Virginia Space STEM Programme, if not then select the XinaBox STEM Server.

Figure 2.2

Configure Blynk

This is where we can configure our Blynk

  • Blynk Server : This field is set to the default "" this is for the XinaBox Blynk Server.
  • Server Port : This field is set to the default of "8442"
  • Authentication Token : Please paste your Auth Token from the Blynk App as demonstrated in the video below

Figure 2.3

Configure WiFi

This page is where you can enter your SSID(WiFi Name) and WiFi Password when configuring and reconfiguring your device.

  • SSID : You may select your SSID(WiFi Name) if it is displayed in the list above the SSID(WiFi Name)field, if not then manually input your SSID(WiFi Name).
  • Password : Please enter your WiFi Password in this field.

Figure 2.5

CW01 Info

This page shows all the relevant CW01 information which can be used for things like adding the CW01 to your school's WiFi network for example.

Figure 2.6


Figure 2.7