Phase 1B - Assembling your ☒CHIPS

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For Phase 1B the following ☒CHIPS will be used:

The Ground Station Kit ☒CHIPS:

Ground Station

  • IP01 - Programmer ☒CHIP
  • CR01 - Radio w/antenna
  • CW01 - WIFI ☒CHIP

Assemble the Ground station ☒CHIPS as shown below:


Balloon Mission Kit ☒CHIPS:


Other tools needed:


Assembly Instructions:

  • Take one of the two pieces of fishing line and tie it to the parachute
  • Add the 2x AA batteries to the PB04 ☒CHIP
  • Assemble your ☒CHIPS as in the picture below


  • Tie the parachute to the bottom of the xCHIPS by tying the fishing line to the ☒CHIPS
  • Cut an approximately 5cm long piece of the nichrome wire of with a scissor. Take a piece of the nichrome wire and add it to the OC01. Place the wire in the first hole of one of the outputs (Out0) make sure it is secure in the positive socket. Tighten the screw with the screwdriver. Place the other point of the nichrome wire in the negative socket and add it into the second hole of output0. Tighten the screw with the screwdriver to make sure it is secure. The nichrome wire should make a loop.
  • Put on the safety glasses
  • Blow up the balloon with the helium to approximately 1m diameter (Always wear safety glasses while blowing up the balloon)
  • Tie the balloon with the cable tie as tight as possible so that the helium does not escape.
  • Use the scissor to cut of the excess cable tie so that it does not interfere with the balloon or the fishing line.
  • Take the second piece of fishing line and put it through the nichrome wire loop that you added to the OC01 ☒CHIP and tie it. See picture below:


  • Tie the fishing line to the balloon.
  • Once everything is assembled your mission Balloon mission kit should look like the picture below but with an inflated balloon and a shortened cable tie.


  • Do a Pre-Flight Test
  • Make sure there is no trees or sharp objects in the way before you launch your balloon.
  • Launch your balloon & have loads of fun collecting your weather data!!!

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