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Blynk projects can be linked to your CW01 ☒CHIP, in order to receive real-time data on your Blynk app. This is simply the data that would be displayed on a connected OLED display (OD01) and is refreshed the same way and not saved on your device. The data is still uploaded to the dashboard. This is a convenient method of checking the status of your sensors as well as being more mobile than a laptop or desktop viewing the data on the dashboard.

  • The Blynk app can be downloaded for smart devices from
  • Using Blynk requires additional steps in the process of configuring the CW01 ☒CHIP. These steps should be followed in conjunction with 1st Time Setup.

Creating a Blynk Account

  1. Select “Create New Account”
  2. Complete the email field and set a secure password in the password field (as shown below):

BlynkAcc1.PNG BlynkAcc2.PNG BlynkAcc3.jpeg

  • this continues to selecting a server

Selecting a Server

  1. Before selecting "Sign Up", select the symbol below the email field (marked in a yellow ring below)
  2. A slider will become available which must be set to "Custom"
  3. Two more fields will become available
  4. Complete the IP address field with:
  5. Complete the Port field with: 8443

BlynkServLink1.jpeg BlynkServLink2.jpeg

  • Complete the process by selecting "OK" and then "Sign Up"

Provisioning for Blynk in the xFlasher

Preparing for the Captive Portal Blynk Setup

  1. After creating an account, select "New Project"
  2. Complete the Project Name field
  3. Select “Create Project
  4. A pop-up notification of an authentication token for the X in a box captive portal sent to your e-mail address should appear (as shown below):

PortalBlynkSetup1.jpeg PortalBlynkSetup2.jpeg PortalBlynkSetup3.jpeg PortalBlynkSetup4.jpeg

  • The token is required in order to link the CW01 ☒CHIP device to your Blynk project

Copying the Blynk Authentication Token

  • To reach the Auth Token select the icon in your new project window (marked with a yellow ring below left)
  • The copy function between the Blynk IOS app and Android app differs slightly
  • IOS (below center) requires (below center) one to select and hold the token code (in blue) until it "copies to clipboard"
  • Andriod (below right) requires one to simply select the "Copy all" option

BlynkToken1.jpeg BlynkTokenIOS.PNG BlynkTokenAndroid.jpeg

  • Proceed to connect to the CW01 ☒CHIP captive portal in order to copy this token

Blynk Authentication Token in Captive Portal

  1. Complete the CW01 ☒CHIP device configuration as per 1st Time Setup then select "Configure Blynk"
  2. The IP address field should show: and the Port field should show: 8442
  3. Paste the copied Authentication Token into the Authentication Token field
  4. Select "Save"

Portal3.png PortalBlynk1.PNG PortalBlynk2.PNG PortalBlynk3.PNG PortalBlynk4.PNG