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Welcome to the XinaBox Wiki

This is the XinaBox Wiki, the place for technical information relating to xChips, experiments and other materials to support their use in Education and IoT. Please see our main website for general information on our range of products and prices, blogs, tutorials, projects and links to our partners.”

XinaBox, pronounced 'X in a Box' is a modular electronic hardware for developing, making products and learning. This Wiki contains technical information on our products for developers, getting started with xKits, and experiment suggestions.

Most Wiki content can be best accessed by searching by xChip product code (e.g. SW01 for the Bosch BME280 Weather Sensor.

Please see here for information on our STEM Programmes.

Getting Started

Getting Started with xKits and xChips

  • xKits to find the kit you have selected to build
  • Quick-Start for generic xChips and core modules

Quick Guides

Useful Websites

  • XinaBox: Our main website, where you can buy xChips
  • GitHub: Libraries and tools for working with the xChips
  • Hackster: Example projects using the xChips
  • Forums: Discussion forums, our main websites for sharing ideas, sorting out issues, etc.
  • Ideas: Do you have a suggestion for an xChip, please share with us on this website.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions