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xKITS are a collection of related xCHIPs. Each of the kits are a good starting ground, if you are already familiar with Raspberry Pi, Micro:Bit, Mongoose or simply just to get started.

Base xKITS

xKIT Function
XK01 Weather Station and STEM Starter Kit
XK02 IoT Kit
XK03 STEM Raspberry Pi Kit
XK04 STEM Micro:Bit Kit
XK05 Climate Kit
XK07 STEM FlatSat Kit
XK10 IoT Starter Kit
XK11 IoT Starter Kit 2
XK12 IoT Starter Kit, powered by Zerynth
XK51 Arduino IoT Kit
XK52 IoT Core Kit
XK53 IoT Core Kit

Expansion xKITS

xKIT Function
XK06 Mobility Sensor Expansion Kit