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xCHIP Function Qty
XC10 xBUS Connectors 10
XS02 xPDI Connectors 2

Auxiliary xCHIPS

These auxiliary xCHIPS assist the circuit with central functionality such as storage and encryption.

xCHIP ChipSet
AH01 - SHA-256 Hardware Encryption ATECC508A
AI01 - I2C MultiPlexer PCA9548
AI04 - I2C Extender P82B715DR
AS02 - 1 Mbit Memory CAT24M01


These are the central xCHIPS that all can be programmed.

xCHIP Function ChipSet
CB01 xCHIP version of Micro:Bit nRF51822
CC01 - Arduino Pro/Pro Mini xCHIP version of Arduino Pro/Pro Mini ATmega328P
CC03 - Cortex M0+ Core xCHIP version of Arduino Zero ATSAMD21G18
CR01 - LoRa with ATmega328P Core 433 MHz LoRa Radio RFM96W & ATmega328P
CR02 - LoRa with ATmega328P Core 868 MHz LoRa Radio RFM95W & ATmega328P
CR03 - LoRa with ATmega328P Core 916 MHz LoRa Radio RFM95W & ATmega328P
CR11 433 MHz RFM69 Radio RFM69W & ATmega328P
CR12 868 MHz RFM69 Radio RFM69W & ATmega328P
CR13 915 MHz RFM69 Radio RFM69W & ATmega328P
CS11 - Core with SD Card Interface Core with SD Card Interface SAMD21G18A
CW01 - ESP8266 Wi-Fi Core Wi-Fi Core ESP8266
CW02 - Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Core Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Core ESP32

Bridge xCHIPS

Bridge xCHIPS allows other single-board-computers to utilize the xCHIPS.

Type xCHIPS Function ChipSet
96Boards B901 - 96Boards Bridge For 96Boards,
such as the Dragonboard 410c
Beaglebone Black BB01 - Beaglebone Black Bridge Beaglebone Black and Green Bridge Bbb.png
Dronecode BD01 - Pixhawk Bridge Bridge for Pixhawk Pixhawk.png
Minnowboard LSE BL01 - Minnowboard LSE Bridge Bridge using Minnowboard
Low Speed Expansion
BBC micro:bit BM01 - Micro:Bit Bridge micro:bit Bridge MicroBit.png
BM02 - Advanced Micro:Bit Bridge micro:bit Advanced Bridge
Raspberry Pi BR01 - Raspberry Pi Bridge RasPi Bridge RasPi.png
BR03 - Raspberry Pi Zero Bridge RasPi Zero Bridge

Interface xCHIPS

Interface xCHIPS allows you to program core xCHIPS, which is mostly done on computers. Single-board-computers not directly supported can make use of the breakout interfaces, that supports standard 2.54 mm (0,1") bread-boards.

Type xCHIPS Function ChipSet
Raspberry Pi IR01 Raspberry Pi Interface n/a
Programmer IP01 - USB Programming Interface USB Programming Interface FT232R
IP02 - Advanced USB Programming Interface Advanced USB Programming Interface FT232R
IP03 - SWD/JTAG/SPI/USB Interface SWD/JTAG/SPI/USB Interface (xPDI) n/a
IP04 Micro:Bit Programmer KL26Z
IP05 Advanced Programmer FT2232H
Break out IX01 - ☒BUS and ☒PDI breakout xBUS and xPDI breakout n/a
IX02 - SPI to ☒BUS breakout SPI to xBUS breakout SC18IS602B
IX03 - UART to ☒BUS breakout UART to xBUS breakout SC16IS750IBS

Mechanic xCHIPS

This category is xCHIPS, which only function is to mechanically connect xCHIPS together.

xCHIP Function
MD01 - Blank Blank Module
MD02 - Blank without I2C Blank Module - I2C Isolated
MD03 - Blank without Serial Blank Module
MC01 CookieSat™ Stackers
MI01 SWD PogoPin (IP04)
MI02 Diagnostic Extension
MN01 ThinSat™ Payload Interface
MN02 ThinSat™ Payload Interface w/Temperature sensors
MS01 Vertical Expansion
MS02 Perpendicular Expansion

Output xCHIPS

These xCHIPS allows the user to control external devices either mechanical or using power. Other output devices, such as display and light, also falls into this category.

Type xCHIP Function
Control OC01 - High Current DC Switch High Current DC Switch
OC03 - Relay Out Relay Out Low Voltage
OC04 Relay Out High Voltage
OC05 - Servo Driver Servo Driver
OC06 - Stepper Driver Stepper Driver
Display OD01 - OLED Display 128x64 OLED Display
Light OL03 RGB Light Strip

Power xCHIPS

This category contains all power supplying xCHIPS, whether it is battery, main or external power supply based. Solar panels also falls into this category.

Type xCHIP Function
PB01 - Dual AA Battery Power Pack Dual AA Battery
PB02 - Coin Battery Power Pack CR2032 Coin Battery
PB04 - Dual AA Intelligent Battery Power Pack Dual AA Intelligent Battery
PB05 CR123A Battery
Generic PG01 - 5-24v Power Supply 5-24V Power Supply
PL01 - 3.7v LiPo Battery Power Supply 3.7V LiPo Battery Power Supply
PL02 - 3.7v LiPo Battery Power Supply Solar 3.7V LiPo Battery Power Supply (Solar)
Mains PM01 110-240V Power Supply
Solar PS01 4x4U Solar Panel (64x64mm)
PS04 Solar Panel CookieSat™
PS06 Solar Panel ToastSat™
USB PU01 - USB (Type A) Power Supply USB (Type A) Power Supply
PU02 - USB (Micro) Power Supply USB (Micro) Power Supply


The Radio Frequency category contains the radio based xCHIPS, that don't have a core/programmable option built-in.

xCHIP Function ChipSet
RL01 - LoRa Radio (433.92 MHz) 433 MHz LoRa Radio RFM96W & SC18IS602B
RL02 - LoRa Radio (868 MHz) 868 MHz LoRa Radio RFM95W & SC18IS602B
RL03 - LoRa Radio (915 MHz) 915 MHz LoRa Radio RFM95W & SC18IS602B
RL11 433 MHz Radio RFM69W & SC18IS602B
RL12 868 MHz Radio RFM69W & SC18IS602B
RL13 915 MHz Radio RFM69W & SC18IS602B

Sensor xCHIPS

All xCHIPS feeding an input into the XinaBox circuit are essential sensors, and are listed here. Some xCHIPS have other primary functions, but can still feed an input, such as the intelligent battery module, thats provides sensory input in form of battery voltage and current consumption.

xCHIP Function ChipSet
SE02 - Hall Effect Sensor Hall Effect AMS AS5510
SG03 - Alcohol Gas Sensor Smoke, Alcohol MQ-3
SG33 - VOC & eCO2 VOC, eCO2 CCS811
SG34 - Particle Sensor Particle Sensor MAX30105
SH01 - Capacitive Touch Capacitive Touch CAP1296
SI01 - IMU 9DoF 9DoF IMU Sensor LSM9DS1
SI02 - IMU 6DoF 6DoF IMU Sensor MAG3110 & MMA8653FC
SI20 9DoF IMU Sensor BMX055
SL01 - UVA, UVB, Light UV and Light Sensor VEML6075 & TSL4531
SL06 - Gesture Gesture Sensor APDS-9960
SL07 Passive InfraRed Sensor (PIR) TPiS 1S 1385
SL08 - Infrared Temperature Sensor IR Temperature VEMD2023X01 & ADS1015
SL19 - IR Temperature IR Temperature MLX90614
SL20 - IR 16x4 Temperature Array IR 16x4 Temperature Array MLX90621
SL22 PIN Diode
SN01 - GNSS (GPS) GNSS Sensor U-Blox NEO-6M
SP05 Current Sensor Invasive ACS723
SU01 - Advanced Universal Digital Input Advanced Universal Digital Input ADC081C021
SU02 - Universal Digital Input Universal Digital Input ADC081C021
SW01 - Advanced Weather Sensor Advanced Weather Sensor BME280
SW02 - VOC and Weather Sensor VOC and Weather Sensor BME680
SW03 - Weather Sensor Weather Sensor MPL3115A2
SW10 - Temperature Sensor Temperature Sensor LM75
SX01 - Advanced Universal Analog Input Advanced Universal Analog Input ADC081C021
SX02 - Universal Analog Input Universal Analog Input ADC081C021