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During the Weather Station Mission( Mission 1) of the program, students are introduced to 5 different xCHIPS and various data collection methods. This mission uses the XK01 kit and can also be found in the XK07 kit The student groups will assemble various combinations of xCHIPS to collect data.

Each kit contains the following:

CW01 V1.0.0 Front.JPG


This xCHIP can be programmed to connect to the Internet

IP01 V1.0.4 Front.JPG

1 x Programmer xCHIP

This xCHIP adds power to the circuit via USB

Alternatively program the CW01 xCHIP in Python, Lua or Arduino/C/C++

OD01 V0.4.11 Front grande.jpg

1 x Display xCHIP

This xCHIP displays data on a OLED screen

SW01 V1.0.1 Front.JPG

  • 1 x Advance Weather Sensor xCHIP

This xCHIP takes temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure readings

SL01 V1.0.0 Front.JPG

  • 1 x Light Sensor xCHIP

This xCHIP measures UVA, UVB and visible light

Connectors grande.jpg

The connectors is to be able to connect all the different xCHIPS together