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The ☒CHIPs comes in unit sizes. 1 unit size or 1U x 1U (or 1x1U) is 16mm x 16mm (or 16x16mm). A 1x2U is therefore 16x32mm and 2x4U is 32x64mm. The current version of the ☒CHIPs has a minimum size of 2U and subsequent sizes are divisible with 2U, so 2x2U, 2x4U, 4x4U, 2x6U, 4x6U, etc.

There is a ☒BUS connection typically for each 2U side, so a 2x2U will have 4 ☒BUS connections, a 4x4U will have 8 ☒BUS connections, and a 2x6U will have 8 ☒BUS connections. Note, not all ☒CHIPs will have ☒BUS connections all around the ☒CHIP. When a special connector has to be used, such as antenna connector or screw terminal, a ☒BUS connection will be sacrifices to give space for such connector. From time to time a ☒CHIP might be just too small to contain the circuitry, so instead of going to the next side in U, a design which sacrifices a ☒BUS in order to allow room for the components, has been chosen.

Each ☒CHIP has been shortened on all sides with 0.1 mm in order to allow space for interconnecting the chips. This shortening is on the total ☒CHIP, not per U, so a 2x2U is 31.8x31.8mm and a 2x6U is 31.8x95.8mm.

☒CHIP Allocated size Actual size Max. ☒BUS connections
2x2U 32x32mm 31.8x31.8 mm 4
2x4U 32x64mm 31.8x63.8 mm 6
2x6U 32x96mm 31.8x95.8 mm 8
2x8U 32x128mm 31.8x127.8 mm 10
4x4U 64x64mm 63.8x63.8 mm 8
4x6U 64x96mm 63.8x95.8 mm 10
4x8U 64x128mm 63.8x127.8 mm 12
6x6U 96x96mm 95.8x95.8 mm 12
6x8U 96x128mm 95.8x127.8 mm 14
8x8U 128x128mm 127.8x127.8 mm 16


A 4x4 LEGO™ brick has same dimensions as a 2x2U ☒CHIP[1]


The net weight of the ☒CHIP, excluding packaging, ☒BUS connectors, batteries, external antennas, etc.
The net weight is in grams (g).


The height is indicated in:
Ht/Hts/Hbs where:

  • Ht: The total height of PCB and all the components on the top and bottom of the PCB.
  • Hts: The height of the tallest component on the top side of the PCB.
  • Hbs: The height of the tallest component on the bottom side of the PCB.

The heights are all in mm.



  • 7.8 mm total height, aka total thickness.
  • 5.6 mm height from PCB to the tallest component - on the top side
  • 0.6 mm height from PCB to the tallest component - on the bottom side

PCBs used is always 1.6 mm thick, so to verify the height: 7.8 = 5.6 + 1.6 + 0.6


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