SH01 - Capacitive Touch

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SH01 - Capacitive Touch (CAP1296)
SH01 V0.5.0 Front.JPG
SH01 V0.5.0 Back.JPG
Main Category Sensor
Sub Category HID (Human Interface Device)
Introduced 1 January 2017; 2 years ago (2017-01-01)
Current version 1.0.0
Current version date 1 January 2017; 2 years ago (2017-01-01)
Size 2x2U (32x32mm)
Weight 3 g
Height 2.5/0/0.9 mm
Main Chip CAP1296
Default Address 0x28


This xCHIP is based on the CAP1296 which is a multiple channel capacitive touch sensor controller. Each sensor input is calibrated to compensate for system parasitic capacitance and automatically recalibrated to compensate for gradual environmental changes. In addition, the CAP1296 can be configured to detect proximity on one or more channels with an optional signal guard to reduce noise sensitivity. The CAP1296 includes Multiple Pattern Touch recognition that allows the user to select a specific set of buttons to be touched simultaneously. If this pattern is detected, a status bit is set and an interrupt is generated.

Product Highlights

  • Six 4 Capacitive Touch Sensor Inputs
  • Proximity Detection


  • Desktop and Notebook PCs
  • LCD Monitors
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Appliances


  • Based on CAP1296 From Microchip Technology
  • Multiple Button Pattern Detection
  • Power Button Support
  • Press and Hold Feature for Volume-like Applications
  • I2C
  • Operating Ambient Temperature Range: -40 to 125 °C
  • Storage Temperature Range: -55 to 150 °C

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