Phase 1A - ☒CHIPS

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In Phase 1A of the program, students are introduced to 5 different xCHIPS and various data collection methods. The student groups will assemble various combinations of xCHIPS to collect data.

Each kit contains the following:

CW01 V1.0.0 Front.JPG


This xCHIP can be programmed to connect to the Internet

IP01 V1.0.4 Front.JPG

1 x Programmer xCHIP

This xCHIP adds power to the circuit via USB

Alternatively program the CW01 xCHIP in Python, Lua or Arduino/C/C++

OD01 V0.4.11 Front grande.jpg

1 x Display xCHIP

This xCHIP displays data on a OLED screen

SW01 V1.0.1 Front.JPG

  • 1 x Advance Weather Sensor xCHIP

This xCHIP takes temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure readings

SL01 V1.0.0 Front.JPG

  • 1 x Light Sensor xCHIP

This xCHIP measures UVA, UVB and visible light

Connectors grande.jpg

The connectors is to be able to connect all the different xCHIPS together

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