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OC03 - Relay Out (PCA9554A, TLP240A)
OC03 V0.5.0 Front.JPG
OC03 V0.5.0 Back.JPG
Main Category Output
Sub Category Control
Introduced 1 January 2017; 2 years ago (2017-01-01)
Current version 1.0.0
Current version date 1 January 2017; 2 years ago (2017-01-01)
Size 2x2U (32x32mm)
Weight 5.1 g
Height 15.0/11.3/2.1 mm
North Terminal Block
Main Chip PCA9554A
Default Address 0x38
Alternative Addresses 0x3B; 0x3D; 0x3E; 0x3F
Change Setting Solder Pads


OC03 is a low-voltage control relay module able to switch AC and DC loads.

The optically isolated relay is controlled by a PCA9554A IO expander, which provides an control interface to the switch. The PCA9554A has several selectable I2C addresses accessible via solder pads.

The TLP241A photorelay consist of a photo MOSFET optically coupled to an infrared light emitting diode which switches a AC or DC load. It provides an isolation voltage of 5000 Vrms, making it suitable for applications that require reinforced circuit insulation.

Product Highlights

  • Low Voltage AC/DC Control Relay
  • Load Voltage Range: 0 - 40 V
  • Load Current Rating: 2 A


  • Home Automation
  • Remote Control Applications
  • Industrial Control
  • Remote Interfacing



  • 400-kHz Fast I2C Bus
  • Three Hardware Address Pins Allow up to Eight I2C Addresses
  • Internal Power-On Reset
  • No Glitch on Power Up
  • Latched Outputs With High-Current Drive


  • Normally Open
  • OFF-state output terminal voltage: 40 V (min)
  • Trigger LED current: 3 mA (max)
  • ON-state current: 2 A (max)
  • ON-state resistance:
    1. 100 mΩ (max, t < 1 s)
    2. 150 mΩ (max, Continuous)
  • Isolation voltage: 5000 Vrms (min)

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