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CC03 - Cortex M0+ Core (ATSAMD21G18/SAMD21G/SAMD21)
CC03 V0.5.0 Front grande.jpg
CC03 V0.5.0 Back grande.jpg
Main Category Core
Sub Category CPU
Introduced 1 January 2017; 4 years ago (2017-01-01)
Current version 1.0.0
Current version date 1 January 2017; 4 years ago (2017-01-01)
Size 2x2U (32x32mm)
Weight 2.9 g
Height 4.2/0/0 mm
South ☒BUS & ☒PDI
Main Chip ATSAMD21G18
Architecture ARM® Cortex®-M0+
Core Size 32 bit
Max. Frequency 48 MHz
Program Memory Size 256 kB Flash
RAM Memory Size 32 kB SRAM
I2C Speed 100/400 kHz
Programmers IP02/IP03
IP02 Settings A, DTE
Default Setting DTE
Change Setting DCE
SDA 20
SCL 21
USB D+ 29
USB D- 28
Red pin A4
Green pin 8
Blue Pin 9

Which Board to Select from Tool Menu

  1. Install Arduino-SAMD Core
  2. Select Board -> Arduino/Genuino Zero(Native USB port)
  3. COM Port (if not found go to Device Programming)

Device Programming

  1. Compatible Programmers
  2. If IP02 is not detected install the required FTDI Drivers

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External Links


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