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Does the CW01 xCHIP need to be flashed each time?

No, the CW01 only has to be flashed once (or when there is a firmware upgrade). It is equivalent to installing an operating system, such as Microsoft Windows, on a laptop. So in same example, you only need to install/upgrade Windows first time, or when there is an upgrade available.

Since the CW01 doesn't have a human interface (ie. Both keyboard and screen), the way to configure the device is that the device pretends to be a server (or more correctly, an access point) it self. You can then from any laptop/tablet/smartphone connect to this device by connecting to its wifi access point (aka XINABOX_1234567). When you connect to the device's access point, you automatically disconnects from any other wifi and you are therefore not connected to anything else (not the internet, or other network). At that point there is only a connection between your laptop and the device. You can now use your computer as a terminal and by this giving the device an "access" to keyboard and screen. As you configure the device, it will scan the wifi network to see what access points otherwise there are available, you can then choose another wifi network and type in the associated password. Once the device accepts this input, it will disconnect you as a client to itself, and connect to the wifi network you have chosen for it, as a client. If it succeeds, it will light up green, otherwise it will light up blue or red.

When connecting to the XinaBox to set it up and configure the wifi, does that have to be done from a device that is not joined to our domain? 

It doesn't matter if your laptop, etc is normally connected to a domain, since it will be disconnected from the domain at the point it is being connected to the device.