External Stimuli Affecting Sensors Experiment

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Level: Novice

Overview: This experiment serves to demonstrate the impact of external stimuli on readings and data quality and highlight the importance of isolating the variables one wants to observe by controlling as many (other) variables as possible through either controlled environments or assumptions (standard conditions or assuming the impacts of specific variables are negligible).

Aim: Observe the relationship between atmospheric pressure and temperature.

Apparatus: ☒CHIPS:

  • SW01 - Advanced Weather Sensor
  • SL01 - Advanced Light Sensor
  • OD01 - OLED Display
  • IP01 - USB Programmer
  • CW01 - Wi-Fi
  • ☒CHIP connectors
  • A USB power source, for example an iPhone wall socket adapter or battery pack/power bank
  • Laptop or Desktop (to display dashboard)
  • Internet connection


  1. Assemble all the ☒CHIPS you need for this experiment
  2. Make sure to connect your IP01 to a power source
  3. Your CW01 ☒CHIP will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi (or see 1st Time Setup)
  4. Attempt to impact the various reading of the sensors through impacting the environment close to the sensors by:
    1. Breathing on the weather sensor to impact humidity, atmospheric pressure and temperature and create outliers in the data
    2. Covering the light sensor with your hands to impact the lux and UV readings
    3. Warming the environment near the weather sensor with body heat from hand near the sensor
    4. Using a cellphone screen or flashlight to impact the ambient light readings
    5. Changing the orientation of the sensors (possible with either a USB extension cable or power bank) to impact light and UV readings
  5. The data you need to complete your experiment will automatically update and display on your OD01 - OLED Display and upload to the dashboard
  • After data collection, view and graph the data on the dashboard (Using the Dashboard) over time (date histogram) and observe the spikes and drops in data at the times external stimuli were applied to the sensors.

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