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Microsoft Windows Tool for Flashing [[CW01 using ☒IP01

No tools available at this point for other Operating Systems Only Microsoft Windows.

Watch this YouTube video

Flashing Steps:


Configuration Steps:

Watch the video

These steps can also be used to reconfigure the CW01 to - for example - new coordinates or new WiFi


  • Insert into USB power source
  • Within 3 minutes, connect to the CW01, connect a device to WiFi AP: XINABOX_<number>. Password is password
  • On some devices a captive portal will show up, but if doesn’t, simply browse to
  • Follow the configuration screens and for better usage, complete all fields as accurate as possible
  • Upon successful connection, the OLED display OD01 will show connectivity information for 1 min, before collecting data.

Note: You must fill in Device Name and Index, otherwise you will not see any data on the dashboard

Dashboard Steps:

Video 8m33s

   Watch the video at least the first 1-2 min

'Captive Portal Steps:

Notes: LEDs:

   Solid 🔵 means hotspot active, waiting for your connection to XINABOX_<number>. Timeout after 3 min.
   Solid 🍏 means that the WiFi is connected
   Flashing 🔴 means lost WiFi connectivity
   Flashing 🔵 means conectivity to our MQTT server is lost

USB Driver If you have issues with USB drivers for the ☒IP01, then go here IP01, and install the driver from the drivers folder. WiFi Connection

Since the CW01 doesn't have a keyboard and a screen, and still needs to be configured, the CW01 will initiate an access point or hotspot allowing you to configure the unit. Certain devices doesn't like to connect to a hotspot without a password, so we have given a simple password. Since the CW01 doesn't connect to the internet during this process, there are no security risk in this phase. The CW01 only supports WPA/WPA2 Personal, which means just a Password. We are working on WPA/WPA2 Enterprise, where both Username and Password is used. While every effort has been made to avoid security issues, such as disabling Over The Air update (for now), no warranty can be given.


See the LICENSE "MIT License” file for license rights and limitations (MIT).