CW01 Changelog

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Captive Portal:

  • All inputs on fields are now validated to ensure correct user inputs.
  • Drop down menu added for selection of STEM server, to allow users to distinguish between programs offered.


  • Added support for NSL MQTT server to support migration to new Dashboard Service.



  • Publish 1A data every 5 seconds.
  • Publish 1B data every 10 seconds.
  • MQTT Broker connection support added for port 80 or 1883.
  • Blynk Server connection support for port 80 or 8442.
  • Captive Portal timeout changed to 60 seconds.

Captive Portal:

  • Removed XinaBox logo to improve reliability.
  • Update table on Info page.
  • Added placeholder for Index “smallsat”, in Device Configuration.


  • Error Codes on OD01 for common connection problems.
  • Each config page on Captive Portal works independently of the other for updating configs.
  • Added Terminal display for Blynk.
  • Added RGB debug sequences for common problems.

Phase 1A

  • JSON payload creation method changed.
  • Added support for SG33, for classroom environment sensing.
  • Added support for SI01, SN01 sensors from Phase 1B.
  • Applied correction for SL01 giving negative UV Index.

Phase 1B

  • JSON payload creation method changed
  • Added satellite connectivity check function.



  • SN01 reporting incorrect data during Phase 1B
  • Changed upload interval to 3 seconds
  • Added Blynk functionality to Phase 1A.


Added support for Phase 1B


New multi firmware release.

In this new V1.2 release you can choose a firmware amongst a selection of firmware. Currently supported is:

  • 1A: Latest version of the 1A software that was traditional the only choice.
  • RED
  • BLUE: All 3 are simply blinking the LED in their respective colors.



  • Issue showing correct MAC address in the FlashTool resolved.
  • Issue with flooding of data to dashboard resolved.

OD01 Display:

  • First 3 Min: Allows display information for reconfiguration.
  • Next 1 Min: Shows information from a successful connection. No Data is collected.
  • Then: Data is collected, displayed on the OLED and published to the Dashboard



  • New field: Organization, set in configuration
  • New field: Created Timestamp, created at source when data is uploaded to MQTT server (Another field, Capture Timestamp, will be created by the software that subscribes to the MQTT and uploads to the dashboard).
  • Configurations will survive on reboot.
  • few other fixes.



  • Fixed MAC address displaying on FlashTool.