Altitude Experiment 2

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Level: Skilled

Overview: Using the data from your weather sensor calculate the altitude of the cloud level.

Aim: Find the cloud level formula and calculate cloud level from altitude calculation.

Apparatus: xChips:

  • SW01 - Advanced Weather Sensor
  • OD01 - OLED Display
  • IP01 - USB Programmer
  • CW01 - Wifi
  • Laptop or Desktop
  • Internet connection


Dew Point Formula:

Td = T [100-RH/5]

Td - Dew Point Temperature

T - Temperature

RH -Relative Humidity

Cloud Level:


  • Get the difference between the temperature and dew point. (this value is called the “spread”)
  • Divide the spread by 4.4 (if the temperature is measured in °F) or 2.5 (if the temperature is measured in °C)
  • Multiply by 1000

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